garden waste removal

Garden waste can be a bit of a problem if you haven't the space for a compost heap or you have so much that you need to get rid of it. How can you get rid of garden waste in fact? You could load it up into sacks and haul it into the car, but then where do you put it and what if you have too much to do this feasibly? There is an excellent solution however that provides the minimum of difficulty for you and the least amount of stress too. A garden company can come and take care of all your waste removal and your waste disposal too. For a small amount of money this big problem can be gone for good.

Garden waste refers to tree prunings, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, fallen leaves and any other bits of material that come from the plant life in your garden. If you have a big garden then this waste can add up to very large amounts. It is possible to have a compost heap whereby the material is piled on top of each and covered over. You must add some soil or other living organic matter to the pile so that the microscopic life within the soil can get to work on decomposing the plant life. Every few weeks you must wet the pile and turn it over and eventually the pile of decomposing matter is turned into thick, black and nutrient rich compost. Sometimes however there is just too much material to use on the compost heap. Tree cuttings for example when piled up can take a very long time to decompose and so only a few are suitable for the compost heap. Any extra tree cuttings need to be disposed of in another way.

There is another option for getting rid of garden waste and that is having a bonfire. First of all however if you live in an urban centre then this may well be against the law.

Secondly it can be very dangerous if you don't know what you doing. If you are considering having a bonfire you should only contemplate it during winter after a heavy fall of rain. If you have a fire in the summer when everywhere it dry, there is the chance that the fire could spread too rapidly and before you know it is uncontainable and dangerous. Even in the winter however a bonfire can be dangerous. It is much better to simply have the garden waste taken care of by the experts.

A garden company can come to your house and collect the waste that you don't want or need. It is not just this service however that is available. In fact you can have the garden company carry out a large number of tasks in the garden that you don't have either the time or the inclination for. Not only can they simply collect the waste, they can create it. Hedge clipping can take a long time and needs doing every year, tree pruning is also important. Cutting the grass, trimming and dead heading the flowers and roses are more time consuming tasks that the garden company can do. If you are too busy with work and family life, rather than let your garden go completely, why not call in the experts to do the grafting for you? That way you still get to enjoy a lovely outdoor space but without having the endless list of additional tasks to do that are associated with having a garden.

Garden waste disposal can be done in Bristol and every other part of the country too as there are companies located across the nation that can do these tasks for you. From garden waste removal to deadheading the roses, a professional garden company can take care of it all. There is even garden design bristol and elsewhere available from these garden companies.

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