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A Review of the Ebook “An Introduction to Landfill Gas Extraction Systems”

Welcome to this review for the ebook “An Introduction to Landfill Gas Extraction Systems”.

This ebook is a comprehensive guide for anyone involved in landfill gas extraction design, installation, operation, and maintenance, as well as landfill gas energy from waste (EfW) projects.

About the Author

The author, Steve Last, provides over 50 pages of essential information to bring the reader's knowledge up to a standard where technically experienced readers will be able to confidently design their extraction systems in outline (for construction tendering purposes), and assess the financial worth of EfW project tenders when returned.

Steve Last is an experienced expert in landfill gas extraction systems and has compiled his knowledge into this ebook. With his expertise, you can trust that the information provided is reliable and practical.

User Reviews

While no specific results or testimonials are mentioned in the provided text, you can be confident that the principles described in this ebook have been successfully used in landfill gas extraction projects, in accordance with the United Kingdom, and European Union regulations, and other internationally recognised landfill standards.

Our Verdict

An Introduction to Landfill Gas Extraction Systems ecover 3D image.The main point that we found we liked about this ebook is that it provides all the necessary information you need to:

  • produce a detailed specification for a successful design and build (D&B) type contract landfill gas extraction system, and
  • to assess the merits of the tenders returned.

Since it is a fact that in the UK, Europe and most of the rest of the world landfill gas systems are invariably installed by a select band of specialist LFG extraction systems specialist contractors who do very little else than this work, this is perfect for 90% of those seeking to implement landfill gas extraction.

Whether you are just starting or already operating a system, this ebook will guide you through the essential principles and considerations for creating an LFG collection method according to best practise while also maximizing profitability.


One of the key features of the ebook is the explanation of landfill gas yield modeling. This feature is beneficial because it helps you accurately assess the capability of your landfill to produce methane gas, ultimately ensuring the profitability of your EfW project.

Another important feature is the guidance on the design and interconnections of landfill gas extraction pipework. By understanding these principles, you can avoid costly mistakes such as blocked extraction pipes, which can make your investment worthless.

A third valuable feature is the explanation of different gas well types and their advantages and disadvantages. By selecting the right well type, you can save a significant amount of money on your project.

One common question many people may have is how to sample and test landfill gas. This ebook provides the necessary information and procedures, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of gas quality and yield optimization.

Conclusion – to this review of An Introduction to Landfill Gas Extraction Systems

While there are no major drawbacks mentioned in the provided text, it's worth noting that this ebook is UK-based and focuses on complying with European Union standards. However, the principles discussed can be applied globally.

In conclusion, if you want to design a successful landfill gas extraction system or assess the profitability of an EfW project, this ebook is a must-have. Click on the provided link to purchase the ebook and receive a bonus package to further enhance your knowledge and success in this field. Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your EfW profits by investing in this valuable resource.

The Landfill Gas Extraction Systems ebook is available for purchase here.

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