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Rubbish disposal may not be the most exciting or glamorous task but it is something that many of us will need to organize from time to time. From rubbish disposal from houses that have become cluttered to home clearances after someone may have passed away, there are many London rubbish clearance companies that offer a professional and reliable service to solve your problems regarding rubbish disposal. These companies generally offer the following services:, house and flat waste clearance
2.removing fly tipped refuse
3.clearing building debris
4.almost any type of rubbish removal you can imagine

The main benefit to hiring a London rubbish disposal company is that not only will they take care of all the hard and often distasteful jobs, they will also know how to dispose of your rubbish legally and just as importantly in an environmentally friendly way. Unless you have suitable transport it can be very difficult to get rid of items like old fridges and other electrical items especially where new WEEE regulations have come into force. Without proper transport it is also difficult to get your rubbish to the local tip or recycling centre. It can also be a hassle if you live in a flat as your rubbish may be heavy and you may even have to negotiate flights of stairs. A professional London rubbish clearance company is trained to deal with pretty much any circumstance and will also have all the necessary equipment to carry out the job.

If you take the time to shop around you will be surprised at how competitive rubbish clearance London can be.

If you live in London it is always a good idea to use a local London rubbish disposal company as they will not have to travel far to reach you. It can also work out a lot cheaper than hiring a skip and having to organise all the relevant permits and you also do not have to load any of the rubbish yourself.

If you have loose items of rubbish to clear here are some tips on how to prepare them to save you time on the day of the rubbish clearance:

1.Make sure all boxes or packed items can be lifted by two men
2.Put any heavy items in smaller boxes and smaller lighter items into bigger boxes
3.Don’t overfill your boxes, try and make them closable
4.Use tape
5.Mark your boxes

Preparing larger items

Appliance clearance: Empty and defrost fridge-freezers ready for clearance

Kitchenware clearance: Box pots and pans

Computer and TV WEEE recycling: Make us aware as a supplement applies

Book recycling: Pack any books flat in small boxes

Bed clearance: Take the bed apart

Bureau and bedside furniture clearance: Empty any drawers

Table and chairs clearance: Remove the table legs and stack chairs together

Clothing recycling: Bag all unwanted clothes

Awkward items

Garden furniture removal: Disassemble and put together any parts

Tool recycling: Wrap up any sharp edges and secure the handles together

Lawn mower clearance: Empty any old petrol or oils from the tank

Bicycle recycling: Loosen the handlebars and turn them sideways

Carpet and rug clearance: Roll up and secure with tape or rope

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