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All Waste Technologies Demonstrator Projects Now Signed

Broken Link Repair – Updated and Repaired Link to the Wikipedia Article Citation (Reference 6: “Demonstrator Projects Now Signed” on the page devoted to the UK (Defra) New Technologies Demonstrator Programme) Quick Answer and Link: If you have arrived from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Technologies_Demonstrator_Programme#The_scheme) the quick link to an updated copy of that original article cited is […]

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Autoclaving of Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid Waste Autoclaving is one of the waste treatment process that is being used to pre-treat waste, and it is often applied to the residual waste after all recycling has been done. Howqever, it can also be used before recycling, and when this is done it helps by reducing volumes, shrinking all plastic film, […]

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Introduction to Waste Technologies eBook Offer

¬†Waste Technologies De-mystified – eBook! Understand “What is Waste Management” with: Print it out. Keep it for reference, and store it on your hard drive…Do you know the difference between MBT Plants and MRFs? “An Introduction to Waste Technologies” By Steve Last¬† If you find this web site interesting then you are bound to find […]

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Common Questions Answered in Waste Technology and Waste Management

What is Waste Technology? Waste Technology is the technical methods, processes and engineering used to implement waste management. What is Waste Management? Waste management is the management of household and industrial waste (garbage). At its simplest it involves waste collection and the hauling of that waste to a sanitary landfill where it is properly disposed […]

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